Choose a one minute moment and commit to doing it every day this week.

The key to success is to set yourself up at the beginning of the week by choosing a time that you can stop everything for one minute and to set an alarm on your phone to remind you each day.

If you would like a secular minute, express gratitude and love and joy and make the world around you a better place, one minute at a time!

If you are religious, draw nearer to God that minute through scripture, song, prayer or sharing God’s love with those around you.  We can’t wait to hear how God works in your life when you start moving toward Him with purpose and intention this week.

1) Fully commit to stopping everything for your minute each day

2) Choose a time of day you can fully engage for 60 second and set the alarm on your phone

4) Choose a moment and make preparations to make that moment happen (verse on mirror or notecard, song picked etc…)


Set your alarm for one minute earlier than your regular wake up time and pray for one minute before your real alarm goes off

Pray for one person in your life to whom you find it difficult to extend love

Make your screen saver a scripture verse and before you start any work on your computer set your timer for 60 seconds and then pray for someone in your life

Change your phone ring/alert to be a hymn or church bells and each time it goes off say a 10 second prayer for whoever is texting you that week

If you exercise every day, put a mark on your tennis shoes laces that will remind you to take 60 seconds after you laced up your shoes to pray or express gratitude.

Whichever person in your house is frustrating you the most that week, set a timer and pray that God gives you patience, guidance and love

Put a notecard with the word PRAY on your steering wheel and at each red light pray for one person in your life until the light turns green

Scripture Verse

Write the verse on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker and read it each morning and night when you brush your teeth.

Write your verse on a notecard:
- tape it to your steering wheel and every time you are at a red light, read it aloud.
- tape it to the door you go out of when you leave your house. Read it out loud each time you leave the house.
- tape it above your kitchen sink and read the scripture as you wash the dishes or load the dishwasher each day
- tape it wherever you fold laundry and read the scripture as you fold

A Movement of Love

Text a special person in your life one thing you appreciate about them each day this week

Write a note of appreciation and love to someone in your house and place it on their pillow or leave a note on someone’s desk at school or work

Seek out one person each day that you see in your daily life who you don’t normally speak to and learn their name and tell them good morning (insert name) or thank you (insert name). (bagger at grocery, dry cleaner, bus driver, person stocking produce etc…)

Text this number 706-202-4003 with the word LOVE to receive a text each day this week with a note of love for you to read in less than 60 seconds

Gratitude and joy

Pick one hymn or gospel song and listen to it when your alarm goes off each day (probably a good idea to have it on your list of songs on your phone or bookmarked in Youtube to make it easy to locate)

Put a gratitude journal and pen on your bathroom sink and before you brush your teeth (we are assuming you do this each night!) set your timer for 60 seconds and write down everything you are grateful for that day.

Set your timer for 60 seconds and out loud or in your head tell God all the things you are grateful for in your life.

Table Time

Pick a question from this list and prompt someone at your dinner table. Set a timer and let that one person have 1 minute of uninterrupted time to answer…

If Jesus were at our table I would ask him…

If I loved people like Jesus did the one person I would definitely treat better would be...

If God came to earth today I would be proud to tell him about...

When I walk through the gates of heaven I think I’ll see or hear…

If Jesus spent a day at school/work with me, I think he’d be suprised by…

If I were the minister of a church for one Sunday I would preach about…

If I had to get a temporary tattoo of one scripture somewhere on my body that would last for a month, I would get this scripture on this part of my body...

Share your thoughts and ideas

Please share your feedback about the site, one minute moments or any other idea you have to help people move one inch closer! If you would like to us to send you a text reminder to choose your moment on Monday and an encouragement text on Wednesday, please go to the text button on the navigation bar and sign up!

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