Thanksgiving and Gratitude

One Minute Moment

Thank God for forgiveness and second chances.

Matthew 6:14: If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.

Prayer Starter:

Father God, what a blessing that you extend forgiveness to me each time I ask for it. Thank you for continually extending mercy and grace and for second chances and fresh starts.

During this Lenten week, I witness Jesus’ example of forgiveness, even in the midst of His anguish on the cross. I am reminded that You instruct me to forgive others and I ask, Lord, for a heart of forgiveness today. Let me become a person who looks like Jesus and extends grace and second chances.

Search my heart Heavenly Father and give me the courage to release my hardships to you. Reveal to me the grievances I pick up every morning and carry with me throughout the day. God of Grace and Forgiveness, give me the strength to let go of the pain and anger, the sadness and hurt and to truly forgive. Lord, right now in this very moment, I ask you to help me drop these burdens at Your feet and if I come back tomorrow or next week to pick them back up Lord, block my path. I lay them all down today in the name of Jesus.

Father, I release these grievances to you today as I strive to move one inch closer to the foot of the cross and one inch closer to Your Kingdom.

Search your heart and in your own words, tell God the people you need His help in forgiving and release the grudge and free yourself of those burdens...