Please Join us on a Movement of Love - we are only inviting…everyone!

If you’re digging the negativity and divisiveness in our world today then this movement isn’t for you.  Zip on over to any news site and relish in the discord and animosity.

If there’s any part of you that wants to be a part of a solution, that wants to be a part of something positive, that wants to do your part in being a little bit better today than you were yesterday, then come and join us for a movement of love. This is an all inclusive, arms wide open movement of love.  Our journey is one that is moving toward a closer relationship with God and we know that not everyone is on the same exact path as us. If you are moving toward love and wanting to develop gratitude and show love, we are headed in the same direction. If you are willing to dedicate one minute a day to move one inch closer to something better, then you are on our team!

Habits are formed by sticking with a plan and research shows that we stick with plans that are manageable and where we see success quickly. The world famous Dave Ramsey has helped thousands of people get out of debt and become fiscally responsible one small step at a time.  He advises to pay off your smallest debt first which doesn’t make fiscal sense but he has found that little successes lead to big successes because people are willing to stay on the path. How many diets have you tried that didn’t work because they were too hard to sustain over time… if you are like us, the answer is all of them!  There is a reason so many people have had success with the couch to 5K model of getting fit. It’s the proven technique of starting with the tiniest of baby steps and feeling success on each manageable leg of the journey. Come take a tiny step with us.

If you are willing to dedicate one minute a day to moving one inch closer to love, check out our ideas for one minute moments or create your own. Sign up to receive a text on Mondays to remind you to pick a moment and pick a time that you can dedicate one minute each day to express or show gratitude, joy and love every day. Set your alarm (we find it works best on our calendar with a daily alert) and you are on your way!

We know this isn’t some all encompassing solution to fix the discord in our culture and how divided we feel in our nation but it’s better than the status quo, it’s got to be better than doing nothing at all.

We know it’s not going to change the world overnight, but what if it moves us one inch closer.  If 1 million people put one pebble in a pile every day, it might not seem like much the first few days, but over time, it’s significant.  Come be a part of something significant.

What if 1 million people move 1 inch closer to loving bigger and loving better and loving more every day. It can’t hurt. It’s not a big sacrifice on an individual level to dedicate one minute a day to gratitude, joy and love. If you are willing to dedicate one minute a day, click here to sign up for a Monday text reminder to pick a moment, set an alarm and take the first step to moving one inch closer.

Share this with a friend and let’s do something instead of nothing. Let’s move toward love together, one minute at a time.