Love pursues blindly, unflinchingly, and without end. - Bob Goff

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you draw one inch closer to God everyday through prayer, scripture, gratitude and love. We believe a Christian movement is an all inclusive, arms wide open movement so we have made two paths on our movement of love so everyone knows they are invited to join our journey.

We are Christians and find our purpose and model of love in Jesus so the first path is to give you support in moving one inch closer to God, starting with a tiny step of one minute a day. If this is your path, click here to learn more about signing up for a weekly or daily texts prompting you to stop for one minute to draw closer to God through scripture, prayer and gratitude. Seven minutes a week may not seem like much but seven minutes is just the beginning and a place to start building habits of prayer, gratitude, joy and love. Every journey starts with one step forward and if you are seeking a deeper relationship with God, you have nothing to lose by dedicating one minute a day and see where the journey can take you. Click here to move one inch closer to God today.

We believe when you are moving toward love, there is room for everyone to come along so we created a second path to give you support in moving one inch closer to a better self and a better world through one minute a day of gratitude, joy and love. If you are more comfortable with a moment centered on gratitude, joy and love, check out this link to find out ways that work for you to join our movement of love and move one inch closer.  You can sign up for weekly or daily texts prompting you to stop for one minute and reflect on or express gratitude, joy and love. Click here to move one inch closer to gratitude, joy and love.

What if 1 million people move 1 inch closer to loving bigger and loving better and loving more every day. It’s not going to change the world overnight, but what if it moves us one inch closer.  If 1 million people put one pebble in a pile every day, it might not seem like much the first few days, but over time, it’s significant.  Come be a part of something significant. It’s not a big sacrifice on an individual level to dedicate one minute a day and who knows where it can take us…

Our arms are flung wide open and we are inviting each of you to join us in a movement of love to make this world a better place, one minute at a time.

Be faithful in small things it is in them that your strength lies.
— Mother Teresa
The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.
— Lao Tzu
When you feel like you can’t explain your faith, go love someone — you just did.
— Bob Goff